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NEW !! Basic Crash Course 30 days

Abstract Structure
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NEW !! Basic Crash Course 30 days
Get ready for full conversations at a familiar setting after 3 - 4 weeks.  More details coming soon.
Register for a Trial Lesson. Tuesdays 6 pm.
Bite size lesson to get a taste of our Open Learning methodology.  

prices may change without notice. 


Cindy Lee

Group Lessons

Lara e Regina.JPG

Learning with Meyre in a class setting, I was introduced to nuances and perspectives I had not come across before even when we were covering some material I had learned previously. I really appreciated Meyre’s expertise in identifying and explaining cultural differences, gestures and interesting colloquialisms that my Brazilian partner and textbooks would not think to explain.

Lara Bourdin

Private + Group Lessons

Lara e Regina.JPG

Her classes offer a perfect mix of explanations on listening comprehension activities, speaking practice and grammar and vocabulary! They're also so smoothly integrated that you hardly realize the amount of material you're absorbing in every class!

Sandra Brewster

Group Lessons

Lara e Regina.JPG

I was surprised at how much I learned in such a short amount of time! My teacher, Meyre is enthusiastic, kind and creates a fun and productive environment for learning. Excelente!

Want to supplement these in-person lessons? We also have an online course!

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