Zoom & In Person live lessons begins APRIL 4

Mondays or Wednesdays.
6:30 to 8 pm  


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Private and group online lessons (in person when possible). Strategies, subjects tailored to your needs.

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We welcome people from all walks of life. Join our list of successful clients: Toronto FC, Toyota, Ryerson, MacMaster, Toronto University and more.

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YOU ARE THE MASTER. Choose the speed of learning.  Get enough resources for 20+ hours a week. Do not pay more for it. Apply teacher’s instructions to your learning: unlocking & unblocking to accelerate. 

Open Learning Language Systems is THE FIRST COURSE  where you:

What will YOU LEARN? Individual or group lessons are tailored, meaning, you are "allowed" to do as much as you want.  

Lessons are focused on YOU, the client, not on the school: "canned, boxed" one size fits all, we see in regular courses, for example "do page x, exercise #".

INSTEAD, we use several sources of material, including your suggestions; not only one book, designed by the school. 


  • have room to add personal interest to your learning material and get feedback on it;

  • are not left alone watching videos. Rather, YOU INTERACT with people: conversation circle with fluent, professional, educated people; talk about culture, get feedback from them;

  • get live lessons with graduated teachers: private, semi-private, groups;

  • choose the speed of learning: Pay 1 or 2 lessons/week and get enough resources for 20+ hours a week. Do not pay more for it. You apply the teacher’s instructions to your individual learning: unlocking, unblocking to accelerate learning, if you  wish. Or not. Take your time. 

  • connect with language exchange friends & other students, to practice what you have been learning;

  • have real conversation with real people = reach your goals 5x faster compared to regular schools (yes, we did some research on it). 

  • weekly Q&A exchange with a teacher*. 

Check video and written testimonials below. 

*specific packages. Inquire within.

Book Trial Lesson Now! Marque uma aula experimental hoje mesmo!

Book a lesson* now to get a taste of what we have to offer! Marque uma aula agora mesmo para saber que o que prometemos, entregamos. Credit card or e-mail transfer meyre@accentbrazil.ca Cad$45**.

Private lessons are 40 min long. Aula privada de 40 minutos transferência via e-mail** ou com cartão. 

Fill in the form if you have any questions! Teachers looking for opportunities to teach English online? send us a message here or whats app +1647 808 5077 

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Cindy Lee

Group Lessons

Learning with Meyre in a class setting, I was introduced to nuances and perspectives I had not come across before even when we were covering some material I had learned previously. I really appreciated Meyre’s expertise in identifying and explaining cultural differences, gestures and interesting colloquialisms that my Brazilian partner and textbooks would not think to explain.

Lara Bourdin

Private + Group Lessons

Her classes offer a perfect mix of explanations on listening comprehension activities, speaking practice and grammar and vocabulary! They're also so smoothly integrated that you hardly realize the amount of material you're absorbing in every class!

Sandra Brewster

Group Lessons

I was surprised at how much I learned in such a short amount of time! My teacher, Meyre is enthusiastic, kind and creates a fun and productive environment for learning. Excelente!